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Baji Zhandao AKA Kung Fu

The Baji Zhandao system consists of 12 schools of Chinese Kung Fu.  Six of these schools are the main foundation of the system and can also be learnt in full from a classical prospective, whilst six other schools contribute to the system with their essence and specific principles. Collectively, and in a modernized fashion, they create Baji Zhandao Kung Fu.

The Zhandao syllabus focuses primarily on the eight pillars of Zhandao practice: Nei gong (standing meditation), Iron Shirt Conditioning for taking impact, Iron Palm Conditioning for delivering impact, Applications for defence and counter-attacks, Ji Ben Gong (Basic movements and drills), Duida (2 person forms for training sensitivity), Taolu (single person forms for training dynamic movement & co-ordination), Modern Weapons training (both for use and defence against, i.e. blades and firearms, plus improvised weaponry).

This is designed to create a complete system of internal and external benefits, for both health and survival, for creating inner calm and defeating outer conflict.

There are 8 ranks in the system before reaching instructor level. This is considered a completion of the basic training. It is at black sash that the real training begins!!! Before that, the student should know a number of adaptable variations to defend themselves, or others, from all types of attack in all realistic environments.

However, since Baji Zhandao Kung Fu consists of many aspects of other older styles, in order to fully comprehend the essenses of Zhandao, there is the opportunity to learn the classical martial arts that make up the system as well, including forms, applications and weapons.

The schools that make up the Baji Zhandao are as follows:

Baji Zhandao schools

The foundation of Baji Zhandao. Dongmen is a more modern style of Baji, where as the Hebei style we practice is far older and has gone through a number of name changes of the centuries, such as Bazi Quan. All fist and weapons forms are taught in this style, but the most important element of Baji is the Nei Gong (internal work), which is very often overlooked.
The sister to Baji Quan, and often considered to be part of it when it was known as Bazi Quan, before being separated. All fist and weapons forms are taught in this style.
Another relative of Baji Quan, practiced in many different ways by the Shaolin, Wudang and Folk practitioners of China. The Style we learn is a folk based style which includes all fist forms and weapons forms.
A popular style of kung fu in the west, known for its simplicity. All fist and weapons forms are taught in this style, along with Nei Gong sets.
Another popular style of kung fu in the west, but this one is known for its complexity. All fist and weapons forms are taught in this style, along with Nei Gong sets.
The most well known style of kung fu in the world: All fist and weapons forms are taught in this style, along with some Wudang style Taiji forms and elements, along with Nei Gong sets.
A strength building style of kung fu, many elements and basics are used to support the Baji Zhandao Training, particularly in Ji Ben Gong (Basic drills) and some Qi Gong.
A very rare style of Kung Fu, known by very few. Used for its specific style of body relaxation and movement with in the Baji Zhandao System of forms and techniques
A specialist style of Kung Fu from Hebei, renowned for its kicking techniques: These are incorporated into the Baji Zhandao forms and techniques
The Black Tiger Fist style of Kung Fu is an aggressive discipline often practiced by the Shaolin. The original style it is based on is far more aggressive and terrifying. Baji Zhandao uses elements of the original style in its forms and techniques
Unique because it is a southern style of kung fu, compared to all the northern styles, but some of the Wing Chun principles hold very true for Baji Zhandao, particularly at close quarter combat
This Crazy fist style as elements that make up the techniques and movement of a select portion of the Baji Zhandao system

The schools were inherited by the Grandmaster and creator of the Baji Zhandao: Chen, Fu Sheng, from his 5 teachers. Each one is a complete martial art on its own, and all are unique from one another, and yet all are interchangeable and the same in many ways. This gives the student of the Baji Zhandao a large quantity of source material to draw from when learning Kung Fu & Qi Gong (Chinese martial arts and Meditation).

Our instructors would regularly travel to China to train with Grandmaster Chen Fu Sheng and other top kung fu masters. Sadly Master Chen passed away in March 2022. His Senior disciples around the world continue to teach, train and pass on his legacy of Baji Zhandao

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